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Religion;5th - Mrs. Beth Myer

Due Date Assignment Description
2/11/2021 Homework Begin to Study Lesson Test
1/28/2021 Homework Study Lesson 6 Test Thursday, 1/28
1/26/2021 Homework Begin to study for Test Thursday
12/11/2020 Homework Study highlights and notes for test.
11/19/2020 Homework Study for your test Thursday, 11/19. Lesson 4 and the Glorious Mysteries.
10/7/2020 Homework Study for Lesson 3 Test tomorrow, Wednesday 10/7
9/30/2020 Homework Start studying for your Lesson 2 Test on Wednesday, 9/30
9/22/2020 Homework Study for test tomorrow. (Students highlighted and completed a review on Friday. Students can access their religion books online)
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