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Social Studies;5th - Mrs. Beth Myer

Due Date Assignment Description
4/21/2021 Homework Vocabulary page 197; read pages 198-203 and answer questions 2-8
2/11/2021 Homework Begin to study guided notes, Chapter 4 lessons 1-3, and vocabulary for test on Thursday, February 11
1/27/2021 Homework Begin to study. Test Wednesday, 1/27. Identify the 13 colonies on a map
12/10/2020 Homework Study Chapter 3 Highlights and vocabulary on quizlet Test Thursday, 12/10
10/26/2020 Homework

Complete pages 59-60 Chapter Review for Monday, 10/26

10/16/2020 Homework Finish reading and answering questions for Lesson 2 up to page 51
9/9/2020 Homework

Vocabulary page 5; record in your notebooks. (there are 6 words)

8/26/2020 Homework

Finish pages SSh 14-SSH 15.  Answer questions 8-10

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