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5th grade Religion and Social Studies 
7th grade Social Studies  


Contact info:  Mrs. Beth Myer
- 737-0744 ext. 1128


Test Schedule

 Tuesday, 9/24- 5th grade Religion Ch. 3 

7th grade Social Studies Module 3 Les. 1-2 Vocabulary 

Wednesday, 9/25- 5th grade Social Studies Ch. 1 

7th grade Social Studies Test Module 3 lesson 1-2 

Friday, 9/27- 7th grade Social Studies Quiz Module 3 Lesson 3  




*Bring in your eggshells

*Don't forget to turn in your raffle tickets to your homeroom teacher.


This Week... 

Monday, 9/23-Activity Session 2; 6th-grade Retreat; Technology/Robotics Club grades 5-7

Tuesday, 9/24- 8:30 School-wide Mass; Birthday Lunch

Wednesday, 9/25- HSA Faculty Lunch sponsored by TT2-K;  Religion and Math Study Guides for Exams; Choir 3rd - 7th; Volleyball game @ SRS 4:00 and 4:45; Flag football @ St. Benilde 5:00

Thursday, 9/26-8:30 School Mass 5-7; Science and Literature Study Guides; Flag Football @ St. Matthew 5:00 

Friday, 9/27-Family Day dress down -bring a can good for the food pantry (SRS shirts); English and Social Studies Study Guides; Flag Football @ St. Benilde 5:00 

Sunday, 9/29- Family Day Celebrations begin after 9:30 Mass; Faculty attends 11:30 Mass


Look Ahead...

Wednesday, 10/2-1st Quarter Exams Religion and Math

Thursday, 10/3- Science and Literature 

Friday, 10/4-English and Social Studies; 12:30 Dismissal - Lunch is served; Pecan Fest Bingo Doors open @ 5:30   


Calculating Grades  

Add all tests/projects together and divide by the total number of tests given. (This will give you a test average.) The Test Average is then multiplied by .65 **You must add the total points the student earned and then add the total points possible. Then take the total points earned and divide that by the total points possible. This will give you the test/project average. You cannot divide each individual test to get a percentage. Mathematically this will not work.**


Test 1: 84 points out of a possible 100 points
Test 2: 96 points out of a possible 100 points

Test 3: 18 points out of a possible 20 points

Project 1: 43 points out of a possible 50 points 
Add what the student earned 84+96+18+43 = 241 
Add the total possible points 100+100+20+50 = 270 
Now divide 241 ÷ 270 = 0.89259259 
Now multiply by 100 to get the percentage =89.2592593 which will be rounded to 89.3 
Test/project average = 89.3 x 0.65 = 58.045
Multiply the exam grade by .25.

Ex. exam grade = 91 x 0.25 = 22.75 
Homework, Classwork and Participation grade will be multiplied by .10. If there are multiple homework grades, you will compute them the same way as explained above in the test category.

Ex. homework/participation average = 98 x 0.10 = 9.8 
Add all totals together. 58.045 +  22.75 + 9.8 = 90.595. Therefore the student receives a 91B as his/her report card grade.