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Contact Info:

Phone Ext. 1134



Use to study vocabulary 

 Class name: WilliamsLiterature 


 Test Schedule:

                                                                         7th- Sherlock Holmes test TUESDAY 9-17-19

                                                           All classes vocabulary Unit 3 test FRIDAY 9-20-19

5th- Verb Quiz FRIDAY 9-20-19 

5th- Short Story and Inference Reading Test FRIDAY 9-27-19 

7th- Edgar Allan Poe Test FRIDAY 9-27-19

5th- Verb Test THURSDAY 9-26-19 


 What We Are Learning This Week:


This week will be reviewing Short Story Elements as well as introducing Inference Skills by reading "Spookiest Attic." We will also begin out Verbs Unit to prepare for our quiz on Friday 9-20-19. In addition, we will begin Unit 3 Vocabulary and will be tested on 9-20-19


We will take our Sherlock Holmes Tuesday on Tuesday as well as begin out Edgar Allan Poe Unit. Wednesday, we will begin reading the "Tell-Tale Heart" to prepare for out test 9-27-19. In addition, we will begin Unit 3 Vocabulary and will be tested on 9-20-19. 


 AR Points:

5th: 13 points for 1st Quarter/ 10 points for 2nd-4th Quarter 

7th: 21 points for 1st Quarter/ 16 points for 2nd-4th Quarter 

In the event a student takes an AR test, fails, and receives zero points, I can at least give them a few points towards his/her AR grade if the student completed and turned in an AR sheet correctly.

Students must check the AR levels of their books. I will not sign AR forms for books that are below an appropriate grade level.

5th grade should not go below 4th grade level

7th grade should not go below 5th grade level

(Books below these levels must be discussed and approved by me or Mrs. Linss)

To find a book's AR level and point value, visit:

Homeroom Business:

   Yellow Folder due back signed every Tuesday


Study Help Days:

Tuesday and Thursday 3-3:30 pm

(If you would like to stay on a Monday or Friday, let me know a day in advance)



                                           Homework Policy: 

Homework is graded on completion on the date it is due. The weekly homework grades are averaged as a test grade for the quarter. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT HOMEWORK IS COMPLETED. Make sure homework is copied from board into agenda and website is being checked.


 Absent Policy:

If a student is absent, they are responsible for getting make up work and notes. Work missed can be picked up from office at 3:15pm on the day missed. There is also an absent bin in my classroom with extra copies of handouts where students can check the date that they were gone to make sure they have all the handouts they missed. If a student missed notes, they can ask me or a classmate to borrow notebook to catch up. 

Late/Missing Work Policy: 

In the event that a student does not have work ready on the day that it is due, they will have to fill out a "Missing Work Form." This form will be turned in in place of the assignment. Parents will be notified through note being sent home. If this note is not returned signed by parent the next day, parents will be contacted through an email/phone call. Late work will always be accepted; however, points will be deducted appropriate for the amount of days it was late. 







How to Calculate Grades:  

Add all tests/projects together and divide by the total number of tests given. (This will give you a test average.) The Test Average is then multiplied by .65 **You must add the total points the student earned and then add the total points possible. Then take the total points earned and divide that by the total points possible. This will give you the test/project average. You cannot divide each individual test to get a percentage. Mathematically this will not work.**


Test 1: 84 points out of a possible 100 points

Test 2: 96 points out of a possible 100 points

Test 3: 18 points out of a possible 20 points

Project 1: 43 points out of a possible 50 points

Add what the student earned 84+96+18+43 = 241

Add the total possible points 100+100+20+50 = 270

Now divide 241 ÷ 270 = 0.89259259

Now multiply by 100 to get the percentage =89.2592593 which will be rounded to 89.3

Test/project average = 89.3 x 0.65 = 58.045

Multiply the exam grade by .25.

Ex. exam grade = 91 x 0.25 = 22.75

Homework, Classwork and Participation grade will be multiplied by .10. If there are multiple homework grades, you will compute them the same way as explained above in the test category.

Ex. homework/participation average = 98 x 0.10 = 9.8

Add all totals together. 58.045 + 22.75 + 9.8 = 90.595. Therefore the student receives a 91B as his/her report card grade.