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Miss Kassie Sharbonno Web Pages

Welcome to Ms. Sharbonno's Third Grade Class!


Ms. Sharbonno's Contact Information:


Phone: (504)737-0744 Ext:1110 



January 14: 


January 15: Mass at 8:30am; January Birthday Lunch, Choir!


January 16: Prayer Assembly at 8:00am; Wednesday Folders! 


January 17: Open House-No Homework Night; No After School Care!


January 18: Student Holiday!



6 AR Points are needed for the third and fourth quarters.

Scholastic Code: Q3YMC


Activity Schedule:

Monday: PE 2:20-2:45

Tuesday: Art 1:15-1:55

Wednesday: Computer 1:30-2:10 and Library 2:15-2:40

Thursday: Guidance 12:55-1:20 and Spanish 1:20-1:45

Friday: PE 12:40-1:05 and Music 1:10-1:35