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    KA News!  

January 14-18



Thursday Night!

Tell your neighbors and friends that do not come to St. Rita to come!



can collection competition starts soon!

We pick our team at assembly on Wednesday- I'll let you know who we pick! 


GO to MATHLETICS every day!!

The children love it and they can get points for dress down days! 



 Read Every Night!! 

Reading logs will go home on Monday! 

Read with your child and fill in your logs every night- this is your homework every night.



Marble/ Class Treat 

We work together to earn class marbles- we only get a marble if everyone is following the given task.  
We are working on getting 14 marbles! 

We are working on getting Mrs. Stephanie to bake us brownies!!




Please check on the left side of this page to see the link to the word document with notes about our homework and skills of the week. 

The only exceptions are if I post on this page that an activity is to be done on a different night or due on a different date.


Skills this week: 

 We will be assessing all skills this week for report cards

Reading/ Phonics-   CVC words, proper nouns, sequence of a story

Math- numbers 20 and higher- tens and ones places, number order, more and less/ numbers higher than 20

Religion-  learn about kindness  and caring for others

Science- animals in the winter- hibernation, migration and adaptations

Social Studies-   learn about Martin Luther King



We will get new vocabulary words for Reading and Math weekly and I will post them here.  The new words will be in bold print.  Please write the words down and make flash cards for your child to review at home.  Vocabulary words are not sight words or spelling words, they are words we are learning in our Reading and Math books .  Your child will be tested on them for report cards.

1st quarter words: I, one, two, three, four, like, can, five, the, red, blue, green, yellow, and, zero, purple, orange, black, brown,  white, pink, is, me, see, six, seven, eight, nine, ten    

2nd quarter words: we, look, little, of, to, it, on, have, said, come, saw, go, did, me, with, will, my, you, what, are, now, for

practice Dolch word lists at home!!! 

1/7-11: many, how, so, where

1/14-18: find, from, came, this, but 


Extra Help Days:

I will be helping some students with letter skills, number skills and handwriting. 

Teacher and parent agreement for these groups and days will be pre-arranged  by me.

Mondays- 3:15- 3:30,  Tuesday- 3:15-3:40   Thursday- 3:15-3:40



  • We go to Mass on Tuesday- all are welcome to join
  • Please write your child's name or initials on any clothing they may take off during the school year. 
  • There is no school on Friday, January 18 or Monday, January 21.
  • No aftercare on Thursday because of open house.



  Please do not wear PE shirts on Fridays. 
We do not go to PE on Fridays. 
Thank you! 


Please see the activity schedule at the bottom of this page to see what days we have activities.


SRS school calendar and the monthly lunch menu are also posted to the left under

"forms and documents"

     Trotter Tracks has the school and lunch calendars. 

You can always see what is going on at St. Rita School on our school web page! 

*Please note that the bottom choice on the lunch calendar is for 1-7 grades only.

On PE days: 

Boys may wear the gray SRS PE shirt  or  the SRS school shirt and the green SRS shorts under their pants or bring their PE shorts and change in the bathroom

 *they do not HAVE to do this- they can just wear their school pants & opt out of wearing the PE shorts.

   Girls may wear the gray SRS PE shirt or the SRS school shirt and the green SRS PE shorts under their jumper  

They take off their jumper to go to PE- please write names in jumpers.

All students must wear black SRS approved tennis shoes or Mary Jane shoes with appropriate non scuff black soles on PE days. 
 We have PE on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays



Rainy Day Dismissal

On rainy days and poor weather days, all K-7th grade courtyard dismissal students will be brought to the gym.
Parents may come to the gym to get their child. 

===========================================================================================                   Wish List:

             - stamp pads

           - mini erasers     



                                            KA Activity Schedude:

Monday- PE & Music

Tuesday- PE & Guidance

Wednesday- PE & Computer

Thursday- PE & Art

Friday- Library & Spanish

  *We go to Mass every Tuesday at 8:30 (unless it is a whole school Mass- those are on Thursdays).  Parents are welcome to come to Mass and take their child to sit with them.


 Girls must wear shorts under their jumpers every day.


LOL You can email me at


*sending notes in your child's folder is the very best way to get in touch with me for timely issues.