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    KA News!  

March 19-23


I'm back to recess duty and aftercare this week.

Please bear with me on my tardy update of my web page! 


Bring in $1 to support the school play on Wednesday and dress down!

 The play begins on Thursday night and runs through Saturday!  Get your tickets!


Kindergarten Egg Hunt- March 27th

You can start turning in eggs this week.



 Please go to Mathletics web sight and have your child do their assignments.

I am sending certificates for participation on the first Wednesday of the month. 

If your child earns a certificate from the site- they will be recognized at all school assembly


 No After care on March 29th

Easter Holidays March 30- April 4th

School resumes on April 5th 


 Read Every Night!! 

Read with your child and fill in your logs every night- this is your homework every night.



Marble/ Class Treat 

We work together to earn class marbles- we only get a marble if everyone is following the given task. 

We are working for 16 marbles now!

The treat will be bring a stuffed animal to school day!




If a paper is in the "right back to school" spot in your child's folder- it is homework for that night and should be returned the next school day. I do not give homework every night but when I do, it needs to be returned the next day. 

The only exception is if I post on this page that an activity is due on a different date. 


Skills this week: assessing all skills this week for report cards

Reading/ Phonics- story maps with problems and solutions/ short vowel review

Math- learn about coins - penny, nickel, dime, quarter

Religion- talk Lent and Jesus teaching the people in parables- begin learning about the Stations

Science- learn about weather and clouds

Social Studies-  learn about the seasons

Other- writing better sentences in journals with sight words



  • We go to Mass on Thursday - at 8:30- all are welcome to join us.
  • Please say the Our Father at home to help your child review it.


  Please do not wear PE shirts on Fridays. 
We do not go to PE on Fridays. 
Thank you! 


I will write new sight words weekly.  The new words will be in bold print.  Please write the words down and make flash cards for your child to review at home.  Sight words are not spelling words- please note that your child should know these words by sight.  Writing them is not necessary.  Seeing them and saying them is the required skill. Please do this every night to help your child learn their sight words for class.

This week's words: new, went, big, jump

words to date: 4th quarter: some, good, now, ate

3rd quarter words: look, go, did, that, what, your, how, play, here, they, from, all, will, said, this, if, so, or, many, come, get, who, on, up, out, say, yes, no, but, eat

2nd quarter words: can, my, we,  have, of, to, you, it, are, at, with, be, for, in, do, not, she, he, was, her, his

1st quarter--red, blue, one, two, three, four, five, green, zero, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, white, pink, I, am, six, seven, eight, nine, like, me, see, and, the, is, ten


Please see the activity schedule at the bottom of this page to see what days we have activities.


SRS school calendar and the monthly lunch menu are also posted to the left under "forms and documents"

     Trotter Tracks has the school and lunch calendars. 
*Please note that the bottom choice on the lunch calendar is for 1-7 grades only.

On PE days: 

Boys may wear the gray SRS PE shirt  or  the SRS school shirt and the green SRS shorts under their pants.

 *they do not HAVE to do this- they can just wear their school pants & opt out of wearing the PE shorts.
Girls may wear the gray SRS PE shirt or the SRS school shirt and the green SRS PE shorts under their jumper  
They take off their jumper to go to PE.
All students must wear black SRS approved tennis shoes or Mary Jane shoes with appropriate non scuff black soles on PE days. 
 We have PE on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays



Rainy Day Dismissal

On rainy days and poor weather days, all K-7th grade courtyard dismissal students will be brought to the gym.
Parents may come to the gym to get their child. 


Wish List:

                      little shaped erasers 



                                            KA Activity Schedude:

Monday- PE & Music

Tuesday- PE & Guidance

Wednesday- PE & Computer

Thursday- PE & Art

Friday- Library & Spanish

  *We go to Mass every Tuesday at 8:30 (unless it is a whole school Mass- those are on Thursdays).  Parents are welcome to come to Mass and take their child to sit with them.


Embarrassed Girls must wear shorts under their jumpers every day.


LOL You can email me at

sbroders@stritaharahan or    <++  this one is best                                                          

*sending notes in your child's folder is the very best way to get in touch with me for timely issues.