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Welcome to Ms. Andrews' First Grade Class!



We made it to the 2nd semester! I am so proud of the progress everyone has been making amazing improvements. Thank you for all that you do to support us! This semester we will no longer be sending home the regular homework chart. The students will be using a tracker to write their homework down. They will bring it home every day. There will also be a weekly newsletter posted on my website containing homework, announcements, spelling, and vocabulary words.

Our Spelling Words

1. that

2. then

3. this

4. them

5. with

6. bath

7. thick

8. tenth


 Our Vocabulary Words

1. cold

2. where

3. blue

4. live

5. far

6. their

7. little

8. water

Activity Schedule

Monday: Library 1:50-2:15

Tuesday: Guidance/Spanish 12:55-1:45

Wednesday: PE 1:45-2:10. Computer 2:10-2:50

Thursday: Art 2:05-2:45

Friday: Music 12:35-12:55. PE 1:40-2:05.

Study Help Days:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:15-3:30. 


First grade students may wear their grey PE shirts only on PE days. This means that 1B students may wear their PE shirt on Wednesdays and Fridays with their jumper or regular uniform bottoms. They can wear their PE shorts under their jumper or may change into them before going to PE. Every other day girls will need to wear the white uniform blouse and boys will need to wear the green or white uniform polo. Please make sure your child is wearing solid black shoes every day. Girls must wear the white SRS socks and boys must wear white or black socks. Thank you for all of your help!


1). Email me at



Tuesday- 8:30 am Mass. Birthday lunch.

Wednesday-   Wednesday folders sent home. 8 am prayer assembly.

Thursday- Open House! 5-7 pm. NO AFTERCARE!

Friday- Student holiday! No school!