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12- White Shirt Day with uniform bottoms.  (Shirt may have something written on it.)

15- School Wide Mass, 8:30am 

16- St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Please bring in a can of tuna. 

20- Yellow Shirt Day with uniform bottom. (Any kind of yellow shirt) 

22- School Mass, 8:30am

School Play, 6:30am

23-Activity and Club Pictures

School Play, 6:30pm

24- School Play, 6:30pm

27- March Birthday Lunch

Kayne, Reid, and Brycen may dress down.

29- No Afterschool Care

30- Good Friday

No Afterschool Care 






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6-  Spring Time Fashion Show/ Easter Egg Hunt

Please bring a 12 count egg carton filled with plastic eggs.  Inside the plastic eggs should include things such as trinkets/toys, coins, candy (No chocolate or peanut related).  Lastly please use tape to close the eggs so the items won’t fall out.

10-  Grandparents Mass, 8:30 am

18- Brown or Black Shirt Day with uniform bottom

25-  Field Trip




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3- Grey or Pink Shirt Day with Uniform Bottom

4-  Cinco de Mayo Pre Celebration

Please allow student to wear brightly colored clothing with Jeans/Shorts

8-  Splash Day--  Please allow the student to dress in their bathing suit/swim shorts.

Parents are invited..

21-  Rock Star Day  (Celebration of being Awesome/Self Confidence)

Please wear bright colors/Dress in your best 80s or 90s attire.  Feel free to wear what makes you feel awesome!!!

22nd-  Celebration of Learning Day

Etiquette Party… Parents are invited to attend.






 Veronica Alexander


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