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 Welcome to 2019-2020!!

My phone extension is 1005 and my e-mail address is   

Upcoming school events:

Black and Gold Dress Monday, September 9 (Saints game that night)

9/11 12:30 Early Dismissal because of Parent/Teacher conferences

9/12 School wide mass @ 8:30 am

9/13 Favorite Sports Team dress down for $1 for our athletic department 

9/18 Picture Day 

9/20  AR Dress Down if have AR points for the quarter

All classes have gone over rules and procedures for our time in computer class (in August).
  •  Grades 3-7 will have the opportunity to use Google Docs to create a picture with text to introduce themselves. They will do research on buying either a computer or a gaming platform or cell phone with service plan. They will save that information to a google doc and will put that information onto a goggle sheets (spreadsheet). All will be working  on coding and typing games and will work with our DASH and/or LEGO robots.
  •  Grades K, 1, and 2 will learn to sign into and out of the computer and other needed programs for class (Mathletics, AR). They will use age appropriate coding and typing games to begin to work with these skills (Light Bot for pre-readers, etc.). They will be creating a profile on the "Blockly" app in order to use our DASH robots to learn about coding.

I stay in the computer lab until 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (3:15-3:30) to help students with:

  • questions they may have
  • to do Fast Forward
  • to take AR tests. 

 Other helpful information:

Middle School Exam Schedule for the 3rd quarter---10/1/219 to --10/4/19

PE/Health exam-10/1/19
Literature and Science-10/4/19
English and Social Studies-10/3/19
Religion and Math-10/2/19

AR Point Requirments (counted in quarter reading grade):
2nd: 7 (1st Quarter) and 4 rest of the year

3rd: 9 (1st Quarter) and  6 rest of the year

4th: 11 (1st Quarter) and  8 rest of the year

5th: 13 (1st Quarter) and 10 rest of the year

6th: 17 (1st Quarter) and 13 rest of year

7th: 21 (1st Quarter), 16 rest of the year
The last day for 1st quarter AR points is 

10/4/19 @ 3:30 p.m.

Lice Watch
While lice are most commonly spread by head-to-head contact, they can also be spread through the sharing of caps, hats, and scarves. Watch for signs of lice such as: excessive scratching or small red bumps on your child's scalp and screen your child's head regularly.